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Last weekend, DMX once again showed hip hop fans why he is one of the most beloved rappers of all time. The Dog rocked stages in Pennsylvania while wearing a series of custom-designed t-shirts featuring the DMX and Dogz 4 Life logos.

Now, X is giving fans the opportunity to unleash their inner dog by purchasing custom-designed gear of their own. is the Dog's official online store, and it's the only place to get t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops printed with these exclusive designs.

Pick one up today for yourself or to give as a gift to that special DMX fan in your life! And, don't forget to check back often for new products and designs that you won't find anywhere but here.

...oh, we'll also be posting photos and highlights from X's performances, as well as upcoming show dates and ticket information. So, stay tuned!

– The ShopDMX Crew  

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  • Hey I order dmx t shirt last week Saturday I still didn’t get it

    Abdou Saho

  • Shopdmx biggest rip off ever they owe me over 400 in stuff and won’t do anythin bout it they said they sent it and that’s all they can do and they talk to there costurmers like shit if u complain be careful when orderin from shopdmx and it took over a month to get a email back a real shady company and dmx lose Devine bars his beats sound so amature stick wit Swizz beatz u made him and he’ll take u back to the top again where u belong and put 2 platinum albums out in 1 yr again and I said the same thin in my email his music helped me threw a lot and they emailed back sayin I had a man crush on dmx cuz I complained there terrible be careful they won’t help u out if ur order doesn’t show up

    Bryce Harper

  • Whassup!! Wut can I say bout X man! Too much to say but the bottom line is been a hardcore supporter since I was a kid! Always buying his albums! Bought TWO copies, 1 to listen to and 1 sealed so I can keep it brand new, THATS how much of a fan I am! Not to mention I got RR gear and DMX snapbacks! And pimped my kicks with RR stud on them! His words TOUCH MY SOUL! If I’m feeling down or hyper and want to go ham X is the dawg for me! RUFF RYDERS FOR LIFE!! CAN’T WAIT FOR YOUR NEW ALBUM! BLOOOOODDD REEEEEDDDD!!! HAHA

    DJ Fes

    DJ Fes

  • X has got Ya’ll Bounce Again! Bounce N Again! X NEVER LEFT! HE STILL IN EAR… GRRRRrrrrr


  • Cant wait to get my tank top !!! #RideOrDie fan for 16 years!


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